Bio: I am Muninn's Kiss, a student of the Anderson stream of witchcraft, a practitioner of the 1734 stream of witchcraft, clan member of Toteg Tribe, and founder of the Grimr. I currently reside and practice in the Front Range Region of Colorado. Muninn was one of Odin's ravens. The other was Huginn. Muninn is memory, which is Chokmah, Wisdom, and the past; Huginn is thought, which is Binah, Understanding, and the future. Where we need to live is in Da'at, the Knowing, the present, the moment, the balance between Muninn and Huginn, between Chokmah and Binah, between Wisdom and Understanding, between Kether and Malkhuth, between the Crown and the World. That is what this journal is about. It is a mystic journey to find our way across the Abyss to truly know the ineffable, unknowable God.

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